Achieving a demand-responsive smart-grid depends highly on the capacity of the business stakeholders to collaborate effectively. In an environment of increased deregulation, competition and collaboration, success depends on five strategic research challenges at the intersection between ICT and energy infrastructures:

  1. Interoperability – for ensuring convergence of network (ICT) and transmission (grid) protocols for enhanced cooperation and communication;
  2. Reliability and security – for trusted services provision and enhanced resilience;
  3. Decentralised and self-organising architecture – for enhanced flexibility in grid control and management, and for increased resilience through self-healing;
  4. Smart ICT components for complex systems monitoring and management – for monitoring and optimal management of the grid; and
  5. Innovative business models – for increased participation by stakeholders (e.g. users, telecom operators, utilities, DSO, etc.) – to release investments required for a thorough upgrade of the energy infrastructure.

MAS²TERING builds on these 5 pillars, click each of the above for details.