5th pillar of MAS²TERING: Cooperative business models for cost-effective grid management and telecom / energy
infrastructure combination

MAS²TERING is prosumer centric, market-focused, and deliberately targets business model generation for
smart grid products and services in the LV portion of the grid to include joint business model generation
opportunities between smart grid stakeholders. The consortium directly includes key stakeholders (utility,
telecom, security, grid support services and DSO representatives). The primary business models centre upon
the role of the aggregator who (using MAS2TERING key technologies) connects communities of prosumers
to the grid with special emphasis on DSO capacity management needs (e.g. the DSO being the consumer of
prosumer flexibility). Supporting business models will involve data services, forecasting, security, and other
strategies/opportunities developed during the research.
The definition of the business models is led in WP1, and is supported by the feedback from the
industry, both inside the consortium and outside thanks to workshop series, deliberate shaping of
business strategies and collaboration opportunities and linkage to the Value-Driven Advisory
Group (WP7).