Full Title of Use Case 1: Secure and effective connection of commercial home energy boxes with public DSO smart meter and consumption profile optimisation


Scope for this use case is to exploit the in-home monitoring systems on telecom’s infrastructure deployable for the HAN management, with particular emphasis to its connection to the DSO. In particular, the use case will assess the impact of the solution in terms of:

  • Enabling HAN side energy consumption data collection and consumption profile optimization
  • Enabling connection between DSO smart meter and the Telecom Italia smart gateway (the Home Energy Box)
  • Ensuring data privacy


For the first point, an household holistic approach comprises:

  • Coordinated energy consumption optimization between all the appliances (see image example)
  • Energy micro-generation and consumption
  • Education of the consumer to a virtuous use of appliances towards a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Time of use and dynamic tariff schemes

Come of the functionalities that will be covered includes:

  • Energy awareness (kWh, €) → Total House (per-device)
  • Scheduling of Smart Appliances (PV + time of use pricing)
  • PhotoVoltaic Production: forecast + comparison (real-time visualization of buy/sell/self-energy and consumer’s Behaviour Social comparison)
  • Overload warning (avoid blackouts)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly summary reports (per device and as a whole)

To enable the connection between public DSO smart meter and the Home Energy Box (telco side) a collaboration between Telecom Italia and the energy-domain partners (UPL for UK, GDF-Suez for FR and LAB for BE) will be established. In particular, studies in how to integrate the telecom infrastructure technologies (DSL, 3G) and energy infrastructure technologies (PLC) would be part of the outcomes.

Check here for the energy and power data of use cases of home energy box according to the Energy@home association.

For the last point (ensuring data privacy), implementation of attack resilient algorithms for monitoring, controlling and protection of final users information will be done, ensuring data privacy and secure authentication and authorisation features (role based access control). Also, it will be evaluate the strength of the upgraded TI smart gateway with respect to data privacy guaranty – relying on simulation of unsolicited advertising, home jacking, and any form of moral harassment or surveillance.