MAS2TERING’s Value Driven Advisory Group:

The Value Driven Advisory Group of MAS2TERING is a selection of high-level industrial stakeholders within the project activities in order to achieve a sustained interactivity with the key project dissemination targets while involving them in the project on-going developments. The Group includes 10-12 key stakeholders from the networks of the project’s partners appointed by all consortium members. It will support the MAS2TERING project in facilitating the participation of key organisations including to the 4 project workshops organised MAS2TERING project.
  • Utilities and energy experts;
  • LV/MV-Grid Operators (DSOs/DNOs);
  • Industrials: energy systems, monitoring HW devices, etc.;
  • End-user associations & thought-leaders in RES-T;
  • Municipalities, smart city/IoT experts, & public bodies;
The Value-Driven Advisory Group will consequently follow the strategy and innovation development of the project, and may impact and fine-tune the results of the MAS2TERING project. In this sense, members of the Value-Driven Advisory Group will be “early-bird customers” of the MAS2TERING outcomes, and a good vector of dissemination of MAS2TERING results towards their stakeholders, therefore facilitating the enlargement of the MAS2TERING project impact and further exploitation.

The Mas2tering Value Driven Advisory Group consists of:

  1. Luca di Stefano, Business Developer, ENEL Distribution
  2. Edi Fabbro, Innovation and Technology Broker, Formerly Electrolux
  3. Jason Simpson, Co-Founder, Mobile Energy Association  [Interview to Jason Simpson]
  4. Said Kayal, Smart Grid Program Manager, ALSTOM
  5. Guy Baret, Director of Research, Luxol / SOREA GROUP
  6. Gaetano Galipò, CEO, Gammaenergy
  7. Jean Perbal, Director netmanagement, SIBELGA
  8. Houssard Benoît, Technical Director, ORES scrl
  9. Frederik Hindryckx, Manager studies Smart Grids, EANDIS
  10. Daniel De Jong, Manager studies Smart Grids, RESA Tecteo Group
  11. Cesare Ravetta, Head of maintenance for A2A electricity grid in Milano, Brescia and provinces, A2A
  12. Pieter Vingerhoets, Working Group Coordinator in Smart Grids Flanders and steering committee member of the European Technology Platform for Smart Grids, Smart Grid Flanders
  13. Ruth Van Caenegem, Senior engineer Smart Grids and solutions, Eandis
  14. Kevin Daems, Senior engineer new technologies, Eandis
  15. François Chevalier, Responsible for research and smart grid projects, Sibelga
  16. Jan Capon, Smart Metering Program Manager, Sibelga
  17. Bruno Georis, Head of Optimization LPM, Electrabel
  18. Dominique Bertin, R&D B2C Energy Efficiency Coordinator (UK), EDF Energy R&D UK 
  19. Marten van der Laan, Business Process Consultant, USEF 
  20. Ulf Møller, Senior Advisor at Energi Norge (Energy Norway), EnergiNorge
  21. Alain Zarli, Head of IT Division CSTB 
  22. Marijn De Koning, Product Developer at PowerhouseUSEF 
  23. Thomas Walter, Managing Director at Easy Smart Grid GmbH 
  24. Stefan Lodeweyckx, Ceo of Enervalis