Contact details for Mas2tering programme technical committee

Management overview
Project Coordinator:  Marie-France Robbe (CEA)
Technical Coordinator: Olivier Ducarme (LAB)
Dissemination and Exploitation Manager Thomas Messervey (R2M Solution)
Work Packages Leaders
Responsible for WP1 – services, business models & requirement definition Thomas Messervey (R2M)
Responsible for WP2 – technical requirements, ICT platform architecture design, integration and delivery Ivan Grimaldi (TI)
Responsible for WP3 – multi-agent systems & optimization Monjur Mourshed (CU)
Responsible for WP4 – design & development of cyber-security components for Smart Grids Rémi de Besombes (CCS)
Responsible for WP5 – design and development of the MAS components and interfaces Hisain Elshaafi (TSSG)
Responsible for WP6 – use cases & validation James Sharman (SMS)
Responsible for WP7 – dissemination & exploitation Thomas Messervey (R2M)
Responsible for WP8 – project management Marie-France Robbe (CEA)

For specific contact details for any of the WP leaders, please use the below contact form or email: info [at] Mas2tering [dot] eu

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