Mas2tering is a three-year technology-driven and business-focussed project, aimed at developing an innovative information and communication technology (ICT) platform for the monitoring and optimal management of local communities of prosumers. Mas2tering combines an original business vision, aimed at the enablement of local energy aggregation markets, with a set of enabling technologies from
the artificial intelligence, communication and security domains. Last-mile connectivity solutions will be combined with a distributed optimisation platform, and the security of communications enhanced, to enable for effective and secured electricity management at distribution level and create new business opportunities. Doing so, the project aims at enabling new collaboration opportunities between
grid operators and telecom and energy companies, both from technology and business perspectives.

Mas2tering builds upon five pillars:
• Interoperability to enable effective interactions between distribution grid stakeholders;
• Reliability and security for trusted services provision and enhanced resilience;
• Decentralised and self-organising architecture for enhanced flexibility and increased resilience through self-healing;
• Smart ICT components for monitoring and optimal energy management at distribution level;
• Innovative business models to foster adhesion of the local energy market stakeholders to the project vision.

The project consortium includes industries, SMEs and research institutes from the European energy,
telecom and security fields. The nine project partners are CEA (Fr), Smart Metering Systems (UK),
R2M Solutions (IT), ENGIE (Fr), Airbus CyberSecurity (Fr), Telecom Italia (IT), Cardiff University
(UK), Waterford Institute of Technology (IR) and Laborelec (BE).