What, why, and how MAS²TERING happened (2014-2017)

  • Methodology
    • Pillar 1 – Interoperability
    • Pillar 2 – Security and Reliability
    • Pillar 3 – Holonic Architecture & Distributed Optimization
    • Pillar 4 – Components for local and global distribution balancing for cost-effectiveness and enhanced grid resilience
    • Pillar 5 – Cooperative business models for cost-effective grid management and enhanced integration of telecom and energy infrastructures
  • Use Cases analysed

For a quick overview of the Mas2tering project objectives, please find below the first video produced by CEA. The second video that illustrates the final results of the physical and simulated testing of the MAS Platform can be found on the Deliverables & Media page.

Mas2tering Video #1 – “District energy management with multi-agent systems”