There are 7 technical work packages (WPs) in the Mas2tering project, and 1 for administration:

Full List of MAS2TERING Results:

  • D1.1: Workshop 1 “Business Convergence I – Telecom/Grid Operator/Utility”. Delivery Date: M5. pdf
  • D1.2: Workshop 2 “Smart Grid Technologies and Use Case I” Delivery Date: M14. pdf
  • D1.3: Workshop 3 “Business Convergence II – Telecom/Grid Operator/Utility”. Delivery Date: M26. pdf
  • D1.6: Use cases and business models vision I. Delivery Date: M12. pdf
  • D2.1: MAS²TERING platform technical requirements. Delivery Date: M9. pdf
  • D3.1 Multi-agent systems holonic platform generic components. Delivery Date – M18 pdf
  • D4.1:  State of the art standards and technologies for cyber-security of smart grids. Delivery Date M24  pdf
  • D5.1: Individual Agent Interface Design. Delivery Date: M12. pdf
  • D5.2: Standards Assessment, Strategies for Power and IT combination standards. Delivery Date: M9. pdf
  • D6.1: Detailed use cases scenarios. Delivery date: M21. pdf
  • D7.1: Dissemination Plan. Delivery Date: M3. pdf
  • D7.2: Project Website.  Delivery Date: M2. pdf
  • D7.3: Press Release. Delivery Date: M2. pdf
  • D8.1 Project Handbook & Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). Delivery Date: M3. pdf
  • D8.2 Periodic report #1. . Delivery Date: M12. pdf