Work Package 2 in MAS²TERING (led by Telecom Italia, TI):

WP2 objectives:

WP2 in MAS²TERING deals with two phases, aiming at the delivery of the multi-purpose grid management platform in a shape that conforms to the requirements provided by WP6 relating to the validation experimental facilities:

  1. Based on the high-level functional requirements provided by WP1, a first phase will elicit the detailed technical requirements & deliver the detailed design of the MAS²TERING multi-purpose grid management platform. These requirements and design elements will feed the three technology development work-packages (WP3, 4, 5).

  2. Then, a second phase will deal with the integration of the ICT components delivered by WP3, 4, 5, and with the delivery of the packaged platform to WP6 for use cases implementation.

    Also WP2 aims to:

  • Engage and assimilate WP1 service definitions,

  • Produce the MAS²TERING high level architecture and components detailed technical requirements

  • Produce MAS²TERING design requirements for its functional blocks to be developed in WP3 to WP4 & WP5

  • Achieve the integration of the components prior to the deployment and validation in WP6

  • Bench test the MAS2TERING platform

Activities in this work package will be accomplished in close collaboration with other work packages. Outcomes from WP1 will contribute to the baseline business requirements, which will serve as the basis for the definition of high-level architecture as well as various features of the component platforms in WP2. As the WP progresses, it will receive the technological components and functionalities from the development WPs. WP2 will produce as output, the integrated MAS²TERING platform for the use cases and validation in WP6.

WP2 Results:

  • D2.1: “MAS2TERING platform technical requirements” – Published May 2015 (Month 9 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • This document is focused on technical aspects of Information Technology (IT) aspects related to the MAS²TERING platform. It provides the following main outputs: Use cases and scenarios selected by the consortium; Technical requirements database; Development tasks list; High-level architecture; Cyber security requirements and attack scenarios. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D2.1 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

  • D2.2: “MAS2TERING platform design document” – Published February 2015 (Month 6 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • This deliverable provides the design of the monitoring infrastructure (as outcome of task T2.2), and of the multi-agent platform for grid management (as outcome of task T2.3). In the first part of the document, the monitoring infrastructure of the Low Voltage (LV) grid, which aims to provide the input data to the multi-agent platform, is described based on the project business and technical requirements and use cases. In the second part, the components of the multi-agent grid management platform are described, and the agent types, behaviors, and their interactions are defined using the Gaia methodology. The Multi Agent System (MAS) platform requirements are mapped into the platform components. The deliverable is concluded by a deployment plan. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D2.2 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

WP2 leadership:

To learn more about Telecom Italia (the WP2 leader) please click here.


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