Work Package 6 in MAS2TERING (Led by Smart Metering Systems, Plc.)

WP6 Objectives:

WP6 facilitates the simulations and demonstrations of implementing the 3 project use cases.


This WP will define and implement the technological use cases of the project. These use cases will stem from the business cases (WP1) and from the platform technical requirements (WP2); they will enable to deploy, test and assess the impacts of the MAS2TERING platform with respect to the project’s Scientific and Technical Objectives (STOs). Three use cases deal with issues that the consortium consider as critical to smart grid enablement: Secure and effective connection of commercial home energy boxes with public DSO smart meter (UC1); renewable energy production management and district-level flexibility management (UC2); and grid reliability and performances upgrading (UC3).


While these use cases are interrelated, each of them is dedicated to a specific group of stakeholders and involves different validation and assessment activities. One transversal issue however in the three use cases is security. All WPs in MAS2TERING feed into ongoing results of WP6.


WP6 Results:

  • D6.1: “Detailed use cases scenarios” – Published May 2016 (Month 21 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • MAS²TERING relies on three technical Use Cases to verify the usefulness and effectiveness of the technical solution developed as part of the project. Each Use Case targets a specific area of the LV grid and specific stakeholders. Role of the initial refinement process has been to outline the three Use Cases into the MAS²TERING conceptual framework to give consistency to the proposed services and define representative scenarios to be tested as part of the demonstration activities. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D6.1 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

WP6 leadership:

To learn more about SMS, Plc. (the WP6 leader) please click here.