Work Package 7 in MAS²TERING (Led by Research To Market Solution, srl., R2M):

WP7 Objectives:

  • Exploitation: WP7 will make sure that the exploitation potential of the project as a whole, and of each partner in particular, remain the highest, enabling the consortium companies to acquire the knowledge and technological means to enhance international leadership in their sectors.

  • Dissemination: several activities are planned, both at industrial and academic level, in order to ensure the widest dissemination of project results. The dissemination strategy is, in a first stage, to build a strong project image via several distribution channels and, in a second stage, support the partners’ exploitation perspectives.

  • Value-Driven Advisory Group (“Community” or “VDAG”): To ensure relevant business feedback regarding the MAS²TERING technological solution across the value chain, thanks to the setting up of and recurrent interaction with a high-level Value-Driven Advisory Group.

WP7 Results:

  • D7.1: “Dissemination Plan” – Published November 2014 (Month 3 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • This document serves as the base document for project communication and dissemination activities with detailed planning for the Year 1 dissemination plan. Updates to the content of this document and reporting on dissemination conducted will be provided in the project reporting surrounding project reviews. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D7.1 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

  • D7.2: “Project Website“  – Published October 2014 (Month 2 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • This deliverable presents the developmental methodology and current infancy status of the MAS²TERING website, which was launched on September 11th, 2014. The project dedicated website will eventually become the base platform providing a common foundation for all external communications and stakeholder relationship building activities. It will also serve as the coordination point for centrifugal social media networking profiles as well as both private and public project documentation delivery channels. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D7.2 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

  • D7.3: “Press Release” – Published October 2014 (Month 2 of MAS²TERING) / Download Link: pdf

    • The first MAS²TERING press release has been created, released for distribution and published across several social networking platforms, the project website and several partner webpages. It is a general introduction of the project aims and objectives, its motivation and how it relates to societal benefit. This press release serves as a starting point for subsequent communication activities throughout the project lifecycle. [READ MORE ABOUT THE D7.3 REPORT BY CLICKING HERE]

WP7 leadership:

To learn more about R2M Solution (the WP7 leader) please click here