D8.1 Executive Summary

This handbook is written in the framework of WP8-Project Management (Task 8.2 “Project Quality Assurance”) of MAS2TERING project under Grant Agreement N° 619682. Its intention is to provide useful information to all partners about the procedures of the project, deliverables and milestones and about general issues of the 7th Framework Programme.

This document specifically covers the following areas:

  • Administrative project management processes that ensure accurate financial reporting and justification of the work being carried out.
  • General project management processes that ensure tight coordination of RTD (research, technology and development) activities resulting in high quality Deliverables.
  • An internal communication strategy that ensures clear and effective communication between the Partners and that allows for the early escalation and the timely resolution of management and technical
  • External communication, dissemination and exploitation processes that ensure a unified presentation
    of the project to the public at large as well as protect the IPR of the Partners.

D8.1 Table of Contents

  • Document Information
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures and Tables
  • Abbreviations
  • 1 Introduction
  • 1.1 Precedence
  • 2 The Project
  • 2.1 Project description
  • 2.2 Project Work packages, Tasks, and Timetable
  • 2.3 Project Organizational Structure
  • 3 Communication
  • 3.1 Project Steering Committee Meetings
  • 3.2 Project Portal
  • 3.3 Distribution List
  • 3.4 Conflicts of Interest
  • 3.5 Emergency Procedure / Conflict Resolution
  • 4 Project Budget
  • 5 Reporting
  • 5.1 Reporting periods
  • 5.2 (Project Internal) Biannual Resource Report
  • 5.3 (For EC) Periodic Report
  • 5.4 Periodic Report­‐Financial Reporting In Detail
  • 6 Deliverable Generation
  • 6.1 Purpose
  • 6.2 Responsibilities and Components
  • 6.3 Procedure and Timing
  • 6.4 Quality process
  • 7 Payments
  • 8 Dissemination
  • 8.1 Check of Publications
  • 8.2 Press Releases
  • 8.3 Publications Acknowledgement
  • 8.4 Dissemination Register
  • 8.5 Project website and social media activity
  • 9 IPR and Knowledge Management
  • 9.1 IPR Register
  • 9.2 Knowledge Protection and Exploitation
  • 10 Gender issues
  • 11 Communication Details
  • References
  • Appendix 1: MAS2TERING months
  • Appendix 2: Project Deliverables
  • Appendix 3: Project Milestones
  • Appendix 4: Quarterly report template
  • Appendix 5: Bi-­annual management report
  • Appendix 6: Budget analysis

D8.1 Highlights

Gender issues
All partners are kindly asked to employ equal opportunities for both men and women in project activities (management, research). The consortium will ensure that gender issues, if arising will be properly and justly addressed and further ensure gender equality during the entire project lifecycle. Regarding employment policies of the partners, all partners are committed to ensure equal employment rights for female and male applicants for their normal operation including the management and implementation of “MAS2TERING”. All advertisements for new research posts will specify our commitment to equal opportunities, with applications from women and men equally welcome, and selection based on merit and the potential of individuals. All partners are committed to ensuring that the staff, who are recruited and trained, are treated solely on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. When we have the ability to choose between otherwise equally able candidates, we will consider gender balance in our selection criteria.

The partners in this project will:

  • encourage women to apply for research positions
  • ensure that equal opportunities will be promoted in recruitment at all levels
  • enable woman researchers to participate in all project activities
  • encourage women to participate in the management and scientific committees
  • ensure, as far as possible, that women will be equally represented on interview panels.

The attraction of female applicants will be ensured by extended dissemination of working positions to women’s scientist forums and organisations. Special attention will be paid to working conditions (flexibility) to enable women to participate in research. The following diagram figures the percentage of female researchers participating at the kick-off project and involved in the project: Our intention is to promote female participation in the project and raise their proportion.


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