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The role of AirBus (France) in the MAS2TERING project:

For the MAS2TERING project, AirBus leads the following WPs and Tasks:

  • WP4
    • T4.1
    • T4.2
    • T4.3

More About AirBus (France):


As the European specialist in cyber security, the mission of Airbus Defence and Space (DS) CyberSecurity is to protect governments, companies and critical infrastructures from cyber threats.

European presenceOperating from our three entities in France, Germany and the UK, we endeavour to deliver reliable cyber solutions, services and training that meethighest requirements to protect you against the permanent threat of APTs(Advanced Persistent Threats).

In addition, our dynamic and agile structures enable us to develop anetwork of trusted partners in Europe and provide our customers witheffective products and services to protect their business against cyber attacks.

At Airbus DS CyberSecurity we strive for excellence, both as a cyber solutions supplier and as an employer.Our continuous, high-quality training programmes enable us to keep our teams at the cutting edge of developments in cyberspace.

Innovation is a top priority at Airbus DS CyberSecurity.

AIRBUS-DS_Visuel-ADN-ENStaying at the forefront of security concepts and developments, we are a key player in several European and national research and development programmes such as ECOSSIAN, CYSPA and Gamma.

Furthermore, innovation strategies evolve over time, and we evolve with them.

This is why we regularly recruit new experts and seek to attract the best cyber security talents.

We are 100% focused on protecting our customers against an ever-evolving threat.

customersAt Airbus DS CyberSecurity we develop products and solutions supporting and securing the assets of our customers across Europe and the Middle-East.

Our customers are governments, military forces, companies and critical national infrastructures.

Our goal: protect our customers’ and support their individual business with our cybersecurity products and services.

customers2We support you to assess the security level of their IT-infrastructures or the level ofawareness of your organization with regards to cyber security challenges;

We protect your networks, data and endpoints against cyber attacks;

We detect and assess cyber intrusions more quickly;

We help to respond to a crisis situation;

We provide a global, proactive cyber defence approach.

It is our duty to propose solutions that meet your requirements with respect to your specific environment and business processes. In any case, our goal is to ensure the resilience of your assets.

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Full List of Consortium Partners & Their Roles in MAS2TERING:

MAS2TERING consists of nine project partners from five EU countries:

  1. CEA (France) – Project Coordinator, leader of WP8
  2. SMS, Plc. (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP6
  3. R2M Solution (Italy) – Leader of WP1 and WP8
  4. ENGIE (France) – Main Industrial Partner
  5. Airbus CyberSecurity (France) – Leader of WP4
  6. Telecom Italia (Italy) – Main Industrial Partner, Leader of WP2
  7. Cardiff University (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP3
  8. Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) – Leader of WP5
  9. Laborelec (Belgium) – Scientific & Technical Manager