The role of R2M Solution in the MAS2TERING project:

For the MAS2TERING project, R2M Solution leads WP1 and WP7, which makes them the business stewards (WP1) and dissemination/exploitation managers (WP7).

Details on these WPs are found on the WP-dedicated webpages:

  • WP1:
    • D1.1
    • D1.2
    • D1.3
    • D1.4
    • D1.5
    • D1.6
    • D1.7
  • WP7
    • D1.1
    • D1.2
    • D1.3
    • D1.4
    • D1.5

Having proposed the alignment to USEF, the MAS2TERING consortium has helped guide a collaboration strategy for valorising the project results across the 3-year project.

More About R2M Solution, srl. (ITALY)

Below are some of our founding ideas and principles.

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Founders Day 7 June 2012 (left) and shareholder meeting Feb 2014 (right)


Catania: R2M Solution has its incubation office in Catania, Sicily. In Sicily, we leverage regional programs dedicated to the development of southern Italy and are most active in infrastructure, renovation, agriculture, tourism and fisheries. We have strategic relations with Catania, the University of Catania, the University of Enna (KORE) and CRA (National Agricultural Research Agency). R2M also collaborates with Telecom Italia’s Working Capital Accelerator Program in Catania and have a wide exposure to the startup community and activities happening in the local area.

Catania & Mount Etna

Pavia: R2M has its legal headquarters and primary operational office in Pavia where it is strategically co-located with legal studio Demetrio in the physical and cultural center of Pavia. The office is a short walk from the Pavia train station and its partnership with Studio Demetrio allows R2M to provide easy access for its clients to legal, notary and accounting services which may take the form of:

  • Legal expertise for doing business in Italy to include shaping worker contracts, licensing, Intellectual Property protection, and conflict resolution.
  • Notary support in company registration, shareholder agreements, and making changes related to the conduct of first or second round financing.
  • Accounting support (commercialista) for financial matters to include accounting, taxes, knowledge and navigation of Italy’s rules and regulations at the national and regional levels.

In Lombardia, R2M has strategic relationships with Pavia, Milan, several of the surrounding municipalities and increasing network of industrial partners.

Palazzo Demetrio, R2M Office Location, Piazza Vittoria and Ponte Vecchio, Pavia

London: R2M Solution Ltd. has been established in the United Kingdom in July 2014. Being the first R2M company outside Italy, it will allow us to expand our reach across Europe and beyond.  Based in London, we expect to gain greater visibility in terms of ideas generation, strategic partnerships, cross-fertilisation opportunities as well as access to the international financial community.

London, Holland Park

Partner Offices:
R2M is expanding. Within the next two years we envision partner branches in the France, Ireland, Spain and the United States.

The Four “What Ifs?”

  • What if fewer ideas were placed on the shelf and had the opportunity to grow?”
  • What if more research took a few additional steps to reach the market?
  • What if more people saw a viable way to realize their dreams and to grow companies?
  • What if private investors had a mechanism to gain visibility on opportunities coming out of national and European research projects?
The four “What Ifs?” capture the sentiment often heard that it is too hard to compete in research, that someone has had a good idea for years – but didn’t think it was good enough or didn’t know what to do with it, that it is too hard to start a company, and so on. R2M will reduce the barriers surrounding the what ifs and empower more people to take control of their own future.

The “American Dream” in Italy: R2M has been formed by a multi-disciplinary team of entrepreneurs that see opportunity leading out of the crisis and that want to see a more aggressive pursuit of research results taking the follow on steps necessary to reach commercialisation. Taking note of trends in Silicon Valley, R2M is using and will coach other individuals and companies through business models that reduce risk, promote ownership (meritocracy), create spinoffs, and launch start-ups. Ideas and talent are not lacking in Europe. In some cases, confidence is lacking. For companies and entrepreneurs in the USA that want to do business in Italy or Europe, it is not impossible. R2M is a key piece of that puzzle, a key enabler for emerging technologies and advancing the start of the art in energy efficiency.

Highlighted EU Projects that R2M is Currently Participating In:

R2M conducts research, development and market implementation across various sectors, research programs and topics. Below are brief summaries and links to the webpages of our current and upcoming research projects.

Sustainable ManufacturingREEMAIN is an EU project moving toward zero carbon manufacturing and resource efficiency in industrial processes through the intelligent deployment of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies and advanced industrial energy modelling. REEMAIN stands for “Resource and Energy Efficient MAnufactorINg” and is co-financed within the Factories of the Future program. The project joins together the skills of 16 European partners.

Within the project, R2M Solution leads exploitation activities, international outreach through the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems program, and conducts knowledge transfer from the Energy Efficiency in Buildings sector. After the project, R2M will expand its auditing and diagnosis services to industry to include acting as a sales, support and consulting expert for the REEMAIN simulation tool and modelling environment.
Project Newsletters can be found here.

Renewable Technology DevelopmentSelected and funded within Phase I of the UK DECC Energy Entrepreneur Fund, R2M client ProAir is developing PAICCS – the ProAir Advanced Indoor Climate Control System. This system will be world first total-enthalpy heat recovery ventilation system for domestic use which combines a traditional HRV system with an enthalpy recuperator, heat pump and intelligent control system. The PAICCS concept was also featured within the EDF Pulse Awards.

In the PAICCS project, R2M is developing the simulation models necessary to develop and test the control system and overall system performance in different environments. After the project, R2M will be piloting the system in Italy and assisting with investor capital for system scale-up.

ICT for Water Resource EfficiencyWATERNOMICS is an EU project that is developing and introducing ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end-user conservation awareness, change behavior and avoid waste through leak detection. Unique aspects of WATERNOMICS include personalized feedback about end-user water consumption, the development of a methodology for the design and implementation of systematic and standards-based water resource management systems, new sensor hardware developments and the introduction of forecasting and fault detection diagnosis to the analysis of water consumption data.

In the project, R2M is the demonstration leader for a water savings pilot at Linate Airport in collaboration with project partner SEA. In this regard R2M is expanding from ESCO services (Energy Services) to WSCO services (Water Services). R2M is also responsible for the development of a standards based methodology, certification aspects and the development of business models to support future project foreground exploitation.

Smart Grids & Business ConvergenceMAS2TERING is a 3-year technology-driven and business-focused EU project co-financed within the Information and Communication Technologies Programme. The project will develop an innovative information and communication technology (ICT) platform for the monitoring and optimal management of low-voltage distribution grids by integrating last mile connectivity solutions with distributed optimisation technologies, while enhancing the security of increased bi-directional communications. The project also aims at enabling new collaboration opportunities between grid operators (DSOs), Utilities, and telecom companies, both from technology and business perspectives.

In the project, R2M is working to stimulate new joint services and business models between the Utility, DSO and Telecom sectors. R2M will organize four signature workshops on business convergence and user cases during the project. The first workshop was held at the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, Italy. The second will be held at Sustainable Places 2015 in collaboration with GDF Suez.

Project Press Releases can be found here.

Recycled Construction Material DevelopmentREWASTEE, which stands for Recycling steel making solid Wastes for added value Energy Efficiency building products, is a 3 year project co-funded by the Eco-Innovation Initiative of the European Union. In this project, a patent that stabilizes Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD – a waste from the steelmaking industry) into an inert, nonhazardous and safe material with thermal and acoustic properties for use in the construction sector as an isolant and/or insulation product in roll form or integrated into building panels.

In the project, R2M is responsible for the business model and exploitation plan to take this innovative material out of the lab and into integrated building products. R2M has exclusive IP rights for exploitation in Italy and is establishing the conditions for an Italian national project and the establishment of a material production facility in Northern Italy.
Here is the link to the project website.

MARE – Expert Information System for Sustainable FisheriesIn collaboration with CNR and the University of Catania, R2M has been contracted by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) for the Establishment of a single information system for commercial designations for fishery and aquaculture products. The motivation is the need to ensure sustainable fishing practices across Europe. The challenge is recording catch information across different languages, species of fish, locations, and fishing practices. Part of the solution is innovative semantic based datamining approaches and the development of an integrated information system.
Here is the link of a preliminary demo of the developed information system.
Assisted Living RobotsIn 2015 R2M entered the robotics and health domains in an exciting and challenging new Horizon 2020 project MARIO which will use assisted living robots in the fight against dementia and loneliness in older persons. Building upon the Robosoft Kompai platform, the project will develop new functionalities, assessment approaches and interaction capabilities for this platform. The goal is to improve the quality of life, quality of care and safe independent time at home for aging individuals.
Follow MARIO updates on Twitter, and its facebook page.
Energy Efficiency in BuildingsIn 2015, R2M joined 19 other partners in a new Horizon 2020 project called Built2Spec that targets solving the problem between performance mismatches between building design and what gets built with respect to energy efficiency. To do this, innovative and next generation technologies are brought to the worksite which include 3D scanning tools, BIM, embedded sensors into construction materials, air pulse techniques, new air quality and acoustic testing approaches, thermal camera enabled drone technologies and others. The information from these technologies are integrated into an integrated quality assurance and management environment design by partner VRM.
Sustainable Manufacturing: Additive ManufacturingStarting in 2015, R2M will join 9 other partners to bring to the market new additive manufacturing approaches and technologies in a new Horizon 2020 project. The motivation is that factories of the future, which rely on Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), will be capable to switch from manufacturing-oriented design towards design-oriented manufacturing. This paradigm change will significantly help to manufacture customized, personalized and small scale series parts with high shape complexity on an economical basis with very short lead times.
R2M’s role in the project is to develop post project exploitation plans that launch the project foreground into the EU manufacturing sector with a close eye on what is happening in the USA in this field for benchmarking and potential collaboration/market penetration opportunities.

Full List of Consortium Partners & Their Roles in MAS2TERING:

MAS2TERING consists of nine project partners from five EU countries:

  1. CEA (France) – Project Coordinator, leader of WP8
  2. SMS, Plc. (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP6
  3. R2M Solution (Italy) – Leader of WP1 and WP8
  4. ENGIE (France) – Main Industrial Partner
  5. Airbus CyberSecurity (France) – Leader of WP4
  6. Telecom Italia (Italy) – Main Industrial Partner, Leader of WP2
  7. Cardiff University (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP3
  8. Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) – Leader of WP5
  9. Laborelec (Belgium) – Scientific & Technical Manager