Project Results

MAS2TERING, the FP7 project co-funded by the EU was motivated by the need for Europe to transition its energy markets (generation, distribution and consumption) into smart energy systems that support bi-directional flows of revenue, energy and information, the increased penetration of DER, self-consumption of on-site generation, and the optimisation of energy flows in a safe, reliable, secure, and affordable way.

A 3-year project (2014-2017), the MAS2TERING partners focused efforts on both developing and disseminating the results. Technical and economic requirements were elicited from industrials, ICT and cyber security experts, energy suppliers / retailers, distribution grid operators (DSO / DNO), scientists, business analysts, and power engineers. Such requirements were utilised in order to facilitate the validation of project assumptions, thus sharing and exchanging multi-disciplinary experiences and ideas towards progressing state-of-the-art in residential / commercial premise energy consumption optimisation. The project ultimately enabled (dis)aggregated flexibility trading, leading to empowered local and virtual prosumer-oriented smart European energy communities.

A final summary of the Mas2tering project results can be downloaded here:

Mas2tering synthesis report for consumer organizations

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