Project Newsletter Series

We invite you to follow our progress by reviewing the Mas2tering project newsletter series, technical posters, and news & technology watch (FlipBoard magazine & Twitter). Learn more about how Mas2tering is helping to facilitate the Energy Union’s low-carbon economy.

  1. Newsletter – Edition 1 (April 2015 – M9)
  2. Newsletter – Edition 2 (March 2016 – M19)
  3. Newsletter – Edition 3 (May 2017 – M33)

Technical Posters Developed

  1. MAS²TERING General Factsheet – innogrid_poster2_general-factsheet
  2. Market Analysis into EU Flexibility Services – innogrid-poster1-market-analysis

News & Technology Watch

The social media channels utilised for the MAS2TERING project (for the purposes of watching emerging technologies), are Flipboard and Twitter. We invite you to follow these feeds as found below. We can be reached by emailing info [at] mas2tering [dot] eu

View my Flipboard Magazine.