The Engie headquarters in Brussels, Belgium was the venue for the Mas2tering EU project to have its first “Smart Grid Technologies and Use Cases” workshop in Brussels, Belgium on 11th September 2015. The workshop was co-organised by R2M, Engie, and Laborelec, with two representatives of Sibelga, the Belgian DSO representing the taget stakeholder group in the project.

Main Y1 results of the workshop were:

  • Validation of MAS approach to validating stakeholder segments
  • Business feedback collected that helps shape ICT requirements
  • Technical challenges discussed and project strategies approved

The presentations made by Mas2tering partners related to promising smart grid technologies, and the links these technologies have to Mas2tering project use cases.

  • Morning session – “Promising Technologies”
    • “Mas2tering: Enabling flexibility management” Meritxell Vinyals, CEA
    • “Tech. 1: The Smart Info Home Gateway” Ivan Grimaldi, Telecom Italia
    • “Tech. 2: Multi-Agent System Grid Optimization” Monjur Mourshed, Cardiff University
    • “Tech. 3: Link Boxes between sub-stations” Mario Sisinni, SMS plc.
    • “Tech. 4: Embedding Security Software” Sebastien Breton, Cassidian CyberSecurity
    • Panel Discussion 1, Moderated by Ivan Grimaldi, Telecom Italia and Steve McElveen, SMS plc.
  • Afternoon Session – “District Energy Management Use Cases”
    • “Use Case 1 – Providing Flexibility (customers) Ivan Grimaldi, Telecom Italia
    • “Use Case 2 – Managing Flexibility (district)” Maryse Anbar, ENGIE
    • “Use Case 3 –Impact potential of Flexibility (grid)” Mario Sisinni, SMS plc.

R2M invited two high-level, Brussels-headquartered associations, Eurelectric and ETP SG (European Technology Platform for Smart Grids) to participate in the panel discussions at the Brussels event.

Eurelectric was represented by Ulf Møller, Senior Advisor at Energi Norge (Energy Norway), and ETP SG was represented by Pieter Vingerhoets, Working Group Coordinator in Smart Grids Flanders and steering committee member of the European Technology Platform for Smart Grids, Smart Grid Flanders.

After the workshop, both Ulf and Pieter accepted the offer extended by Mas2tering to become one of the project’s Value-Driven Advisory Group members. If you would also like to be considered for this committee, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Dr Maryse Anbar, Engie, delivers the opening remarks
From Left to Right: Members of Cassidian Cybersecurity, Sibelga, and Laborelec