Four strategically timed workshops that facilitated smart grid stakeholder interaction were planned. Each workshop edition involved 2 to 3 members of the project’s Value-Driven Advisory Group, who were asked to contribute to the preparation and facilitation of the workshops. Each workshop provided materials to stimulate thought-provoking issues and the following workshop results are publicly available for download:



Journal articles:

  • “A Smart Forecasting Approach to District Energy Management” Baris Yuce, Monjur Mourshed, Yacine Rezgui; Energies; DOI: 10107310.3390/en10081073; 2017 MDPI
  • “Efficient Buyer Groups with Prediction-of-Use Electricity Tariffs” Valentin Robu, Meritxell Vinyals, Alex Rogers, Nicholas Jennings; IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid; DOI: 10.1109/TS G.2017.2660580; 2017 IEEE
  • “Degree-day based non-domestic building energy analytics and modelling should use building and type specific base temperatures” Qinglong Meng, Monjur Mourshed Energy and Buildings; DOI: 155 260-26810.1016/j.enbuild.2017.09.034; 2017 Elsevier BV

Conference contributions:

  • “Mas²tering: Business Cases and Technologies for Low-Voltage Flexibility Aggregation with Prosumers and Local Energy Communities Workshop” Thomas Messervey, Mario Sisinni, Juan Manuel Espeche, Zia Lennard, Meritxell Vinyals, Marie-France Robbe, James Sharman, Julien Ardois; Sustainable Places 2017
    Conference (SP2017), Middlesbrough, UK; MDPI AG Proceedings, DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mdpi.com/2504-3900/1/7/1103
  • “Residential Electricity Tariffs in Europe: Current Situation, Evolution and Impact on Residential Flexibility Markets” Youssef Oualmakran, Juan Manuel Espeche, Mario Sisinni, Thomas Messervey, Zia Lennard; Sustainable Places 2017
    Conference (SP2017), Middlesbrough, UK; MDPI AG Proceedings, DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mdpi.com/2504-3900/1/7/1104

Special track on smart grids and smart buildings

Special session on “intelligent and secure management towards smart buildings and smart grids” at conference Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI) was organised as part of DCAI conference, held on 21-23 June 2017. The workshop was co-organized by:

  • Isabel Praça, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
  • Adrien Becue, Airbus Defence and Space Cybersecurity, France
  • Zita Vale, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
  • Meritxell Vinyals, CEA, France.

The background for the session was the role of the European electricity market and its transformation to competitive and decentralized management of the European network, as well as network performance improvement by incentives to first consume locally produced energy (solar panels, wind turbines). Buildings will be progressively equipped with smart household items able to adapt building consumption to available energy production in real time. The session invited contributions on the following topics:

    • Services for analysis, forecast, and monitoring of available energy grid
    • Tools for dynamically optimizing the demand-side (smart buildings) to the supply-side (smart grid)
    • Communication and cybersecurity technologies

In this context of the transition towards smart grids, intelligent buildings have to tackle the challenges of smarter energy management, enhanced automation and connectivity. In light of stricter environmental policies and cost-reduction objectives, building managers are exploring innovative solutions to predict, monitor, control, and optimize energy consumption. The trend toward smart buildings is enabled by the growing integration of information technology with the energy systems. An unwanted consequence of this is the growing exposure to cyber-attacks. Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a key role in this new relationship between the smart buildings and the smart grid. This special session, therefore, aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse areas of Artificial Intelligence, distributed computing, intelligent decision-making, smart management, communication and cybersecurity to explore new applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the fields of the smart building and the smart grid.

The following papers were accepted after blind peer-review:

  • R.A.S. Fernandes, L.O. Deus, L. Gomes, Z. Vale. Statistics-based approach to enable consumer profile definition for demand-response programs.
  • FA.S. Borges, I.N. Silva, R.A.S. Fernandes. Features extraction-based method for voltage sag source location in the context of smart grids.
  • Meritxell Vinyals, Maxime Velay, Mario Sisinni. A multi-agent system for energy trading between prosumers.
  • Gil Pinheiro, Eugénia Vinagre, Isabel Praça, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos. Smart grids data management: a case for Cassandra.
  • Catarina Ribeiro, Tiago Pinto, Zita Vale, José Baptista. Data mining for prosumers aggregation considering the self-generation.

Many papers were published by Springer: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-62410-5.


Journal articles:

  • Climatic parameters for building energy applications: A temporal-geospatial assessment of temperature indicators, Mourshed M (2016), Renewable Energy, 94:55–71. DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2016.03.021; DOWNLOAD LINK: Mourshed-2016-RENE
  • A Multi-Sided Business Model for Local Flexibility Management in Low Voltage Distribution Networks, Lynch P, Hickey R, Messervey T (2016), ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES, ISSN 2345-0282 (online); [Accepted]; DOWNLOAD LINK: http://jssidoi.org/jesi/issue/15

Conference contributions:

  • SMART: A process-oriented methodology for resilient smart cities, Mourshed M, Bucchiarone A, Khandokar F, 2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Trento, Italy, 12–15 September.  [Accepted]; DOWNLOAD LINK: Mourshed-2016-1570281398
  • Preserving Prosumer Privacy in a District Level Smart Grid, Yuce B, Mourshed M, Rana O, Rezgui Y, 2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Trento, Italy, 12–15 September. [Accepted]; DOWNLOAD LINK: Yuce-2016-1570281303
  • Ontology-based Demand-Side Flexibility Management in Smart Grids using a Multi-Agent System, Hippolyte J-LH, Howell S, Sleiman H, Vinyals M, Yuce B, Vanhee L, Mourshed M, 2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Trento, Italy, 12–15 September; DOWNLOAD LINK: Hippolyte-2016-1570280552
  • Maximising Value for Local Flexibility Management in Low Voltage Distribution Networks, Lynch P, Power J, Hickey R, Kelly D, Messervey T, Espeche J, Oualmakran Y, 2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Trento, Italy, 12–15 September. (Closed access)
  • Collaborative Framework for Monitoring Reliability of Distributed Components of Composed Services; Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer – volume 9571, 17/08/2016 (Closed access)


  • On 27th June 2016, MAS2TERING joined the following EU projects to learn from and inform two of the most prominent European smart grid organisations, EDSO and ENTSO-E about the project. 2 downloadable posters were presented. Details about  the event can be found at: www.innogrid2020.eu and EU projects taking part alongside MAS2TERING are:
    • DREAM
    • Estfeed
    • evolvDSO
    • Forschungscampus FEN
    • FutureFlow
    • GRID+Storage
    • Grid4EU
    • IDE4L
    • Nobel Grid
    • Offshore DC PROMOTioN
    • SmartNet
    • STORY
    • UPGRID

There were 2 technical posters developed by MAS²TERING for INNOGRID 2020+:

  1. MAS²TERING General Factsheet – innogrid_poster2_general-factsheet
  2. Market Analysis into EU Flexibility Services – innogrid-poster1-market-analysis

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 20.23.24


Mini Maker Fair, presented by TI

  • Energy@home. R. Tommasi, I. Grimaldi. Presented at Mini Maker Faire, Torino, June 6 2015. pdf


  • TSSG Industry Open Day, 3 March 2015, Waterford, Ireland (TSSG). Steven Davy. Presented at TSSG Industry Open Day, March 3 2015. Click here to read more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 20.38.20

  • (WHITEPAPER) – Smart grid futures: Perspectives on the integration of energy and ICT services. Monjur Mourshed, Sylvain Robert, Andrea Ranalli, Thomas Messervey, Diego Reforgiato, Régis Contreau, Adrien Becue, Kevin Quinn, Yacine Rezgui, Zia Lennard. Presented at: 7th International Conference on Applied Energy – ICAE2015, Dubai, UAE, 28 – 31 March 2015. Energy Procedia. Elsevier, pp. 1132-1137. 10.1016/j.egypro.2015.07.531. pdf

Smart grids summit

  • Business Models and Frameworks. Maryse Anbar. Presented at Smart grids summit, Nice – February 2015, 19th. pdf


Wireless Congress 2014, presented by TI

  • Energy@home and ZigBee towards Smart Home and Energy Efficiency solutions. Andrea Ranalli. Presented at Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications November 13 2014, Munich, Germany. pdf