Workshop Context

The “SMART GRID BUSINESS CONVERGENCE” workshop at SP’16 is motivated by the need for Europe to transition its energy markets (generation, distribution and consumption) into smart energy systems that support bi-directional flows of revenue, energy and information via flexibility services procurement and new business models.

The success of the European vision of a low carbon electricity grid that minimises greenhouse gas emissions, and securely enhances quality and reliability of supply, depends on how power infrastructures empower new and incumbent market actors. Recent communications from the European Commission have called for a redesign of the energy markets (COM340) to take advantage of system wide flexibilities and a New Deal for EU energy consumers (COM339) that empower choice and participation in the smart grid.

Workshop Agenda

Preliminary agenda topics will include:

Quantifying the value proposition:

  • Modeling and examples of the value to consumers
  • Modeling and examples of the value to DSOs
  • Modeling and examples of value to the energy markets

Delivering the value proposition:

  • Examples of working aggregator business models – or how to make them work
  • Examples of bundled services – or services that are ripe to be bundled
  • Examples of incentives / programs / stimulus that have kicked off a local energy community or what incentives / programs / stimulus are needed to make it work

The “Smart Grid Business Convergence” workshop at SP’16 is a public event that clusters and presents the ongoing development of several influential and demonstrative initiatives, facilitating the market uptake of innovative business models, ICT solutions, and evaluation mechanisms for the trade of energy flexibility.

Targeted Audiences

The “Smart Grid Business Convergence” workshop at SP’16 brings together industrials, ICT and cyber security experts, energy suppliers / retailers, distribution grid operators (e.g. DSO, DNO), scientists, business analysts, and power engineers to share and exchange their experiences and ideas towards progressing state-of-the-art in (dis)aggregated flexibility trading leading to prosumer-oriented smart European energy communities.


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