“A Customer Focused Energy Business: Positioning in a Changing World”

EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre (6th floor), Boulevard de l’Impératrice 66, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Pöyry & Eurelectric co-hosted a one day event exploring the customer focused energy businesses of the future (2020-2025)


  • For existing industry members and potential disruptors to discuss alternative business models for the energy sector;
  • To understand where the most commercially viable future lies;
  • Widening the discussion to other companies, by inviting participation from outside the core energy business.


  • Find out more about what energy consumers want going forward;
  • Understand how to successfully retune existing business models;
  • Learn how to extend business models for the future;
  • Vote for our survivor in the Great Balloon Debate:
    “You are CEO of Europe’s most successful energy company in 2025. What is your success story?”


  • Do generators need customers?
  • Do energy companies need generation?
  • Can the existing energy companies survive in their existing form?
  • Will the disruptors become more like the existing energy companies, collaborate with the incumbents, or carve out niche segments of value?
  • Will energy companies sell a range of other services which earn more money than kWh sales?
  • Will electricity be given away free in the future?
  • Are there any ‘safe bets’ now?


MAS²TERING (Laborelec) attended “A Customer Focused Energy Business: Positioning in a Changing World” workshop organized by Eurelectric on Oct 5, 2016
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