In the UK, on average, voltage is supplied to a building at 242V; however, the ideal operating voltage for most electrical equipment is 220V.  This over supply of voltage leads to excessive amounts of electricity consumption, added wear and tear to on-site electrical equipment, high levels of carbon emissions and increased electricity costs.

Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation systems are designed to correct this over-voltage and bring the electricity supply in line with the requirements of each site. This solution is ideal for businesses that operate a low voltage (LV) supply, have high levels of incoming voltage and a stable voltage profile.
Through installing a Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system, companies can achieve average savings of 10% on annual electricity consumption and benefit from typical return on investment of 2-3 years, supported by up to 15 years warranty a 100% savings guarantee. In addition, businesses will benefit from an improvement in power quality with reductions in harmonic distortions, improvements in power factor and longevity on electrical appliances.
Powerstar LITE is a UK manufactured technology and a unique voltage optimisation solution that holds a patent on its design which ensures that other voltage optimisation technologies, although similar in principle and application are unable to replicate the exact design specifications of the Powerstar system. Full article published by EDIE is available HERE.

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