CEA: Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives / French Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission


The role of CEA List (France) in the MAS2TERING project:

For the MAS2TERING project, CEA leads WP8 – which makes them the project coordinators. Details on the WP and Tasks led by CEA are found on the WP- and Task-dedicated webpages:

  • WP8:
    • D8.1
    • D8.2
    • D8.3
    • D8.4

More about CEA List (France):

CEA List

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Full List of Consortium Partners & Their Roles in MAS2TERING:

MAS2TERING consists of nine project partners from five EU countries:

  1. CEA (France) – Project Coordinator, leader of WP8
  2. SMS, Plc. (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP6
  3. R2M Solution (Italy) – Leader of WP1 and WP8
  4. ENGIE (France) – Main Industrial Partner
  5. Airbus CyberSecurity (France) – Leader of WP4
  6. Telecom Italia (Italy) – Main Industrial Partner, Leader of WP2
  7. Cardiff University (United Kingdom) – Leader of WP3
  8. Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) – Leader of WP5
  9. Laborelec (Belgium) – Scientific & Technical Manager